Monday, February 16, 2009

Masked Rider Kabuto: DX Kabuto Zecter Belt (Bandai)

Price: $199.95
Masked Rider Kabuto: DX Kabuto Zecter Belt (Bandai)
Hey, kids! The latest Kamen Rider series is "Kamen Rider Kabuto", named for the extremely popular "kabutomushi", known in English as a "stag beetle". Here's Kamen Rider Kabuto's belt for you to play with, complete with the "Zecter" (which lights up and makes sounds, just like in the show; it needs 2 AAA batteries, not included, to do this)!. It also comes with a buckle fo the Zecter to snap into, plus a side buckle for Kamen Rider Kabuto's gun holster (sold separately), and belt parts. The completed belt will fit a waist 50-68cm. Not intended for kids under 3 years old. Click Here to see what the back of the box looks like!

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